Covid 19 - We are taking orders on-line & by phone only, and are continuing to manufacture and ship both barn doors & barn door hardware. Click for details.
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    BEFORE YOU START: Ensure you read “How to prepare your walls for hardware” on our website instructions page. Important! Wall mounted door hardware must be attached to structural blocking or a head casing. If there is not adequate support, then you must add structural support before attaching the hardware to the wall.

    Please read all the instructions before starting.

    Warning: No instruction sheet is a replacement for common sense. If you don’t feel comfortable with this project, don’t do it! And please, use ear, eye, and dust protection for all home renovation projects The rail can be cut if you wish to use a smaller door, but you will need to coat the cut end with a proper metal paint to prevent rusting. Cutting the rail voids any warranty.