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    What is Soft Close Barn Door Hardware?

    At Viba Hardware we believe so strongly in soft close that it is integrated into almost every system we sell.

    It is easy to set up, easy to use, and works well with doors up to 200 pounds in weight.

    Traditional barn door hardware suffers from a significant issue, it bounces back open when it is closed quickly, which defeats the purpose of closing the door.  Viba Hardware has solved this issue with Soft Close Technology.


    Noise Reduction. 

    When a barn door “bounces” it makes a large THUD that can be heard throughout the space it is being used in.  Soft close comes to a quite stop, slowing down for the last 3 inches.


    Soft Close ensures that fingers don’t get squished by rolling doors.  If you have young kids, or temperamental teenagers, having soft close can prevent this type of mishap.

    Customization of stopping.

    With soft close the door stops where you want it to stop.  The stopping location is determined by how you set up your soft close, rather than by the end stops or where the next hole on the track is.  So if your door ends at a wall, soft close ensures it will never go too far and hit the wall.