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    We ship EVERYWHERE

    We ship EVERYWHERE

    One of the things we love most about running Viba is the constant geography lesson that comes with internet sales.  We have had the opportunity to sell product to consumers all over North America, and when we say all over, we mean it!  Here are some highlights.


    North - The Yukon

    South - San Diego and Miami

    Really South - Puerto Rico

    East - All along the eastern seaboard, but the favorite eastern location was Gander In Newfoundland, the farthest North and East that you can fly out of.

    West - Just yesterday we shipped our first set of product to Hawai'i.  To celebrate this new location we decided to have Aloha Shirt day at Viba's headquarters.


    So if you dream of a custom barn door and hardware, give us a call. We can ship it to you.

    Barn Door Hardware for Lex Luthor

    Barn Door Hardware for Lex Luthor

    Think you have an unusual situation and you need advice? Contact us and we can help.  Here is a super example. 

    We just had a customer purchase 3 sets of 96 inch "The Gears" hardware from us; really beautiful hardware that  will work for many years.  

    What made this purchase different was the doors the guy was making for his customer.  They were 90X44 inches in size and were - not kidding - lined with lead!  He was worried about how much weight our hardware could handle as lead is very heavy.  We helped him find data sources for the weight of wood and weight of lead and he determined a weight estimate for the doors, which fell under our weight limit of 220 pounds per door.

    Now you may be wondering if this guy was a comic fan who took things too far - nope, he was building these doors for a dentist who wanted them for his X-ray booth.  

    The customer was Super detailed, and asked us a ton of questions about the hardware to make sure it met his requirements, as he wanted his client to be happy.  In the end, our conversation gave him the confidence he needed to proceed with the project and build these doors for his client.

    We will post images of the doors as soon as we get them. Hopefully they will do justice to the coolness of the project.  As soon as we get them they will be up in a flash.

    OK, enough Justice League jokes for one day.

    Remember, at Viba Barn Doors & Hardware we can answer your questions and we probably have dealt with a situation very similar to yours.

    How to choose the right barn door

    How to choose the right barn door

    So you have decided that a barn door is what you need for your home.  Congrats, these are one of the best problem solvers in home improvement today, giving you more space within your home or apartment.  But where should you start?  Well, here is a basic list.

    1. Is this a new opening or an existing one?  If you are making a new opening, such as in a complete basement renovation, it is best to call us before finalizing the size and position of the opening New or old, take a look at our instructional sheet on how to prepare your walls for barn door hardware - you can find it in our instructions section.

    2. How big is your door opening?  You need to know how large your opening is - in inches - from left to right and from the bottom of the opening to the top.  The opening is just that, the open area. It doesn't include any trim work around the opening.  You can find an instruction sheet in the instructions section of our website that will give you the measurements you need.

    3. How much room do you have on either side?  The basic rule is that you need the same amount of space on the side of a barn door as the width of door itself.  So if you need a 40 inch wide door, you better have 40 inches of wall to the left or the right of the door.

    4. Do you have any obstructions?  Electrical outlets and wall switches are not as big a deal as most people think, but thermostats are.

    5. How many doors do you want?  Are you looking for 1 really big door, 2 doors that meet in the middle, or a bypass or multi-pass system where doors roll in front of one another?

    6. What kind of look are you going for?  Are you looking for modern and sleek, super rustic, lots of wood grain? All these are considerations which can effect which door you plan to purchase or which hardware style you want.

    All of these questions will effect what type of door you wind up with, but there is one way to be sure - ask us!  We always answer e-mails; include a picture if you have one. We make it a habit to actually answer our phones when you call, and if we are unable to, we will call you back.