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    News — Captain America Barn Door

    My new Captain America Barn Doors

    My new Captain America Barn Doors

    I wanted to create a new product that would allow people to express their individual artistic moods in a barn door in a creative way and would also work in more standard fashions.  Thus the new Viba Hardware flat panel Art Door.

    If you haven't guessed by my previous blog posts, I love superhero movies, my favorites being the Captain America series.  The doors feature a Captain America and Bucky (The Winter Soldier) theme that reveals itself as the doors are pulled open. 

    I put these doors together over about 5 hours to show case how a relatively standard panel door can be turned into a creative masterpiece.  Most of that time was spent masking out the stars and stripes on both doors.  The Bucky door stripes were especially challenging. 

    By assembling the door after painting it is far easier to tape up the panels and do a multi layer paint job on them.  The doors have a pine frame with 3/8ths MDF panels and are assembled very much like our standard barn door. 

    These doors feature a new come-along bypass barn door hardware on a single rail that saves huge amounts of space, which I needed to remove the bookcase beside these and eventually fill the space with a new TV.  This product will be launching in roughly 6 weeks.

    As a note, I can't sell these specific doors to you, they are for my own use.  Disney and Marvel own the rights to both Captain America and the Winter Soldier.

    If you are interested in creating your own set of art doors please contact me at brad.elkins@vibahardware.com and I can help you out.


    Now I need to stop writing about these doors as "I can do this all day".