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    News — Hawai'i barn door

    We ship EVERYWHERE

    We ship EVERYWHERE

    One of the things we love most about running Viba is the constant geography lesson that comes with internet sales.  We have had the opportunity to sell product to consumers all over North America, and when we say all over, we mean it!  Here are some highlights.


    North - The Yukon

    South - San Diego and Miami

    Really South - Puerto Rico

    East - All along the eastern seaboard, but the favorite eastern location was Gander In Newfoundland, the farthest North and East that you can fly out of.

    West - Just yesterday we shipped our first set of product to Hawai'i.  To celebrate this new location we decided to have Aloha Shirt day at Viba's headquarters.


    So if you dream of a custom barn door and hardware, give us a call. We can ship it to you.