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    News — Custom Barn Doors

    Custom Barn Doors Available Through Viba Barn Doors & Hardware

    Custom Barn Doors Available Through Viba Barn Doors & Hardware

    At Viba Barn Doors & Hardware, we custom build every single door to ensure it meets our client’s exact specifications and work hard to ensure that each and every customer is happy with their purchase. We have an extremely high level of service which includes attention to detail and quality construction.

    Different applications require different sizes.
    Purchasing a standard-sized sliding barn door leaves you with zero flexibility. Since the product is already packaged, you can’t customize the doors for shape, size or even colour. If you have a standard size opening, that might work for you—but if you have a slightly larger (or smaller) space, you likely won’t be able to use a prefabricated door.

    We pride ourselves on being able to accommodate doors of any sizes—our only limitation is what we can send through the mail! We work with each of our clients to ensure that the custom size they need is the one they will receive. We also have an exceptionally wide variety of hardware styles and sizes for doors ranging from 30 inches to 8 feet wide and we can build custom lengths as needed.

    Personal Service
    All we do is make custom barn doors and we love it. We always promptly answer emails and encourage customers to call us at the office if they have any questions about the ordering process, installation or need advice about which door is best for their home.

    When investing in barn doors for your home, make sure that you choose quality. Viba Barn Doors & Hardware has custom built thousands of doors and has countless of satisfied customers in North America.

    Contact us today for all your rolling door needs.

    Viba Barn Doors & Hardware has been manufacturing sliding barn doors since 2013. All of our wood comes from a local mill in the Kitchener-Waterloo area and is constructed at our workshop in Oakville. We pride ourselves on our sustainable manufacturing process which includes recycling all wood scraps and dust and only using low VOC products.

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    Soft Close Barn Door Hardware

    Soft Close Barn Door Hardware

    Almost all of our barn door hardware uses soft close technology which makes our doors safer and quieter than many other products on the market.

    Our barn door hardware is similar to the soft close drawers found in many kitchens. The hardware is constructed to slow the door to a complete stop during the last three inches. This prevents the door from bouncing off the end of the rail and practically eliminates the possibility of pinching your fingers between the door and wall. 

    What also sets our soft close barn door hardware apart is that our wheels are constructed of industrial nylon. Unlike metal wheels that are noisy and can reverberate throughout the home, our unique nylon wheels are whisper quiet, allowing you to enjoy custom barn doors without any noise disturbance.

    We carry a large selection of barn door hardware to fit your specific design aesthetic, from classic to modern styling. We’re also able to offer more sizes than anyone else in the Canadian market—up to a 16-foot track for 8-foot wide single doors. 

    Our clients are often pleased to learn that we also use an EZ install bottom guide that attaches to the wall instead of the floor, making it perfect for basements, tiles, or any other application where you don’t want to drill holes in the floor. 

    We include easy-to-follow installation instructions with all of our doors, but if you ever have any questions about our soft close technology, or how to properly install the hardware for your Viba barn door, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We always answer our phones during business hours and are prompt to reply by email. 

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    We've been building custom barn doors since 2013. All of our wood is sustainably sourced from the Kitchener-Waterloo area and our doors are constructed at our workshop in Mississauga. 

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    some of our recently completed projects.