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    News — Rustic Barn Door Styles

    Improve Your Closet With A Sliding Barn Door

    Sliding Barn Door Closet
    If you’re interested in adding a little bit of personality and style to your bedroom, while saving precious floor space, look no further than installing a sliding barn door for your closet! 

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    Quality Barn Door Craftsmanship

    Quality Barn Door Craftsmanship
    When renovating your home, you want to know that what you build and what you install will last for years to come without constant maintenance or cheaper materials that show immediate wear and tear. While it may be tempting to purchase a mass-produced sliding barn door, there is a significant difference in quality!

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    Three Barn Door Styles For a Modern Yet Rustic Look

    Three Barn Door Styles For a Modern Yet Rustic Look

    Sliding barn doors have been, and continue to be, an extremely popular innovation in interior design. There are several benefits to installing a sliding barn door in your home, including space management. Still, it’s arguable that the main reason that barn doors have been so popular for so long is because of their versatility to any style of interior design. Barn doors exist in a middle ground between rustic and modern, meaning seamless adaptability to the space around them and a timelessness that isn’t seen by many interior design trends. If you’re looking for a functional accent piece for your space, here are three rustic barn door styles that encapsulate both modern and rural charm. 

    The Double X Solid Pine Barn Door

    Our Double X Solid Pine Barn Door is one of our most traditional models, giving that beautiful rustic look with its solid wood and wide frame while also easily modernized with industrial tracks like our Single Wheel Horseshoe Hardware. When framed with sleek modern hardware and given the ability to glide effortlessly against the wall, the Double X Solid Pine Door can be considered equal parts rustic and contemporary and looks great in the main space of a home like the living room or front foyer. 

    The Horizontal Panel Barn Door

    Our Horizontal Panel Barn Door incorporates the compactness and elegance of modern decor with the appeal and functionality of a rustic farmhouse aesthetic. To further the modern look, consider pairing the Horizontal Panel Door with a simple black double-sided handle for easy opening and closing. The Horizontal Door works perfectly for closets, bathrooms, and pantries due to its customizable size and classic design. 

    The Hardwood Divided Panel Barn Door

    Our Hardwood Divided Panel Barn Door is where the elegance and beauty of rich hardwood meets the appeal of modern interior design trends. It’s safe to say that after hundreds of years, hardwood is one of the fundamental aspects of interior design and is not going anywhere. Our luxurious hardwood door will add that timeless class to any room, and when paired with this gorgeous gear-inspired stainless steel hardware, there’s absolutely no home that this door won’t look great in. Consider putting our Hardwood Divided Panel Barn Door in an office, a library, or a dining room to maximize its elegance.  

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