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    Barn Door Safety

    Barn Door Safety
    At Viba Barn Doors & Hardware, we often receive emails from our customers with questions about installation, and we’re always ready to help our customers, to ensure that their doors go up smoothly and safely. Recently, we received an email that gave us pause and emphasized the importance of barn door safety provisions. Below if an excerpt from the email: 

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    Sliding Barn Door Accessibility

    Sliding Barn Door Accessibility

    Sliding barn doors have become increasingly popular in homes across the country, not only because they look great, but also because they’re so much easier to use than a traditional swinging door. One reason that some homeowners may sway toward installing a sliding barn door in their home is due to its accessible design. A sliding barn door helps to provide accessibility to those who are mobility challenged, elderly, or very young. 

    Easy Open And Closing 
    Primarily, what makes a sliding barn door a great option for accessibility is how easy they are to use. At Viba Barn Doors, our sliding barn doors come with soft close technology, with easy sliding, and soft nylon wheels. This gives most people the ability to open our doors with even just with one hand and using less force to move. 

    Compact Design Allows For Increased Floor Space 
    Unlike a traditional doors that swings outward from its hinge, taking up floor space and potentially blocking the person who is trying to use it, a sliding barn door runs on a track along the wall. This means that a sliding barn door is a great option for homeowners who are looking for accessibility as they are easier to navigate since users don’t have to maneuver around a swinging door.

    Hardware Placement Options 
    Easy-to-use handles that do not require grasping, twisting or special knowledge to operate helps to make a sliding barn door even more accessible and usable to everyone. If you require a lower door handle or privacy lock, you can have it installed exactly where you need it, unlike a mass-produced traditional door that has a preset handle and lock. Plus, our hardware is high-quality, strong, and very easy to use.   Sliding barn doors do not require traditional floor tracks but use bottom guides attached to the wall preventing the risk of trip hazards over the door threshold.

    Custom Sizes 
    What draws many homeowners to an accessible sliding barn door are the custom options. Since each door is made specifically for the individual ordering it, we produce the door that matches your requirements including size since many accessible homes include wider doorway openings.  

    Thinking a sliding barn door may be an accessible option for your home?
    The team at Viba is ready to help you get started!

    Viba Barn Doors and Hardware has been designing and building custom barn doors since 2013. We are a Canadian-owned and operated company committed to sustainability and customer satisfaction. 

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