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    Best Wood for Barn Doors

    best wood for a barn door
    When choosing a barn door, you have the option to use hardwood (like ash) or softwood (like pine). The best wood for your barn doors will largely come down to personal preference and where you’re using the door.

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    Turn an Antique Door into a Sliding Door

    Turn an Antique Door into a Sliding Door
    Many of the builder-grade doors installed in homes have no character and don’t really add to the overall aesthetic of the home. However, you can add some personality back into your home by incorporating an antique door.

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    Sliding Bathroom Doors

    Sliding Bathroom Doors
    In the past, some people have had concerns that a sliding barn door cannot be used for a bathroom; however, they provide just as much privacy as a traditional swing door. 

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    Benefits of a Sliding Barn Door

    Benefits of a Sliding Barn Door

    While some people might use barn doors simply as a design choice, there are also practical benefits of using a sliding barn door over a traditional swing door.

    Saves Space 
    In narrow hallways or small rooms, a sliding door can save valuable floor space since it doesn’t require the same wide berth to be able to swing open like a traditional door. All you need for a barn door is enough wall space to completely slide open.

    Can be Used for Awkward Spaces
    Sometimes houses—especially older homes—have awkward spaces. It might be an end of a hallway with multiple door openings, a small nook under the stairs or a recessed storage area. It can be hard to find a stock door to use in these situations; however, a custom-sized barn door can be the perfect solution.

    Easy Installation
    If you have an opening and want to put in a door, it can actually be easier to install a sliding barn door than a swing door.  Traditional doors require a fair bit of construction to correctly install, but barn doors simply need to be securely attached to a track installed on a header board.

    Versatile Design
    There are also more design options when it comes to sliding doors. Not only can you mix and match door designs and stain colours, but you can also turn an existing door you have into a sliding door with one of our hardware sets.

    Sliding barn doors can be the perfect solution for unique design challenges in your home. Since we custom make every order, we can tailor your door to fit your specific needs. 

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