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    Structural Support Required for a Barn Door

    Structural Support Required for a Barn Door
    Sliding barn doors can be heavy—especially oversized ones—and you need the proper structural support on the wall for a door to safely operate. You can either build the support into the wall or install a header board to carry the weight of the door.

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    Sell Your Home with Simple Farmhouse Staging

    Sell Your Home with Simple Farmhouse Staging

    To attract the highest bid for your property, a real estate agent will likely suggest staging your home. Many potential home-buyers are interested in a certain design aesthetic and transforming your home with a farmhouse feel can take advantage of a very popular and on-trend style.

    A simple way to add farmhouse details to your home is with barn doors. A recent study found that listings that highlighted barn doors in the home sold faster (up to 57 days) and at a higher price point.1 The good news is that adding a barn door to your farmhouse-style home is incredibly easy and affordable.

    Viba Barn Doors & Hardware offers custom-size sliding doors that can be installed almost anywhere in your home. Our customers have used our doors to add privacy to their kitchen, replace swing doors to bedrooms or pantries, and even ordered oversized or tiny barn doors for hard to conceal spaces. 

    We custom make all orders at our production site in Mississauga, Ontario and then disassemble the door for easy and affordable shipping. Once the package arrives, simply follow our thorough instructions to effortlessly hang doors. A customer recently shared how simple it was to install his custom barn door.

    By adding a sliding barn door to your home, you can realize its true selling potential and add a high-visual impact to any room for an affordable price. 

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    1 Realty Times. “Are barn doors here to stay?” Retrieved September 30, 2019 from 

    Do Barn Doors Need a Bottom Guide?

    Do Barn Doors Need a Bottom Guide?

    To be safe, barn doors need a bottom guide to prevent the door from swinging or coming off the track. To ensure secure operation, we require all customers to choose a bottom guide when purchasing a barn door from Viba Barn Doors & Hardware.

    The standard guide included with our doors is invisible but is best for an experienced carpenter or handyperson. To install the standard bottom guide, you will need to route a channel on the bottom of the barn door with a slotting bit. If you’re not comfortable with this method, we also offer an EZ install bottom guide.

    bottom guide

    As the name implies, our EZ Install Bottom Guide is simple to use and doesn’t require any additional tools. The piece is affixed to the wall trim and creates a channel which the barn door slides into. Once properly installed, the EZ Install Bottom Guide prevents the door from coming off the wall.

    Barn doors can be installed in a variety of ways to provide privacy while adding to the overall aesthetic of your home. They are also extremely safe, if properly constructed and installed. At Viba Barn Doors & Hardware, our standard hardware has five separate sets of features that ensure your door is safe, including; anti-jump blocks, end stops, soft close actuators, soft closing hardware and bottom guides.   

    If you would like to add the EZ Install Bottom Guide to your order, simply add it to your cart at checkout. It’s extremely affordable, costing less than $8 per guide. 

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    Viba Barn Doors & Hardware has been manufacturing sliding barn doors since 2013. All of our wood comes from local mills in the Kitchener-Waterloo area and our doors are constructed at our workshop in Mississauga. We pride ourselves on our sustainable manufacturing process, which includes recycling all wood scraps and dust, and only using low VOC products. 

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